The olive mill

The olive mill is located in a very bright room obtained from the old tool shed.
The big glass door facilitates the entrance of the olive crates.

The olives are processed within three hours from the picking moment with a modern continuous cycle cold-press machine that guarantees high-quality extra virgin olive oil, from small quantities of olives.
The olive mill is equipped with a knife crusher, a horizontal malaxer and a 2-phase decanter of new generation.
Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, olive crushing can be separated according to the different areas of the farm and the extra virgin olive oil is first divided in batches, waiting to be analyzed.

Only the best batches are then assembled to form the blend that defines the Pomario extra virgin olive oil.

The olive grove

Oliveto di Pomario

The natural terracing that from the top of the hill leads down to the woods is the ideal habitat for the olive groves that are still numerous and perfectly healthy.
It has been sufficient to add just a few new plants to obtain a healthy and productive Olive Grove.

The main varieties are those of classic Umbrian Olive oil with a predominance of Frantoio and Moraiolo (70%), Leccino (25%) and various Pollinators.
Cultivation techniques are traditional in accordance with the terms of Organic Agriculture.

The collection, very early, is manual and the olives are cold pressed directly at the farm within the first 3 hours from the collection.