Rondirose Umbria Rosé I.G.T.


Rondirose is the Rosé wine produced by the Count Spalletti Trivelli in Pomario, Umbria.
It is a young wine very fragrant and fresh. It is produced from Merlot and Sangiovese grapes that were located in the sunnier and windy part of the estate.
The Merlot and Sangiovese grapes are harvested when the acidity is still high and the skin has just began loose color.
Collected early in the morning are placed in a press and left to macerate for a few hours at a controlled temperature.
The must color is constantly monitored and drawn off with soft pressure only when he begins to intensify.
The fermentation activated by autochthonous yeasts continues on steel with controlled temperatures.
The finished wine is bottled after several decantings and a light filtration in order to maintain the color and aromas fresh if just harvested.

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VINTAGE : 2019
FORMAT: 0.75 Lt

GRAPE: Merlot and Sangiovese
COLOR: Cherry with violet hues
PROOF: 12.5% Vol. according to the vintage

AROMA: The dominant aromas are the fresh and floral scents of wild rose and peach flowers.

TASTE: Acidulous fragrant and rich. Fresh in the mouth where a ripe fruit harmony dominates. It leaves on the palate an extremely pleasant salty sensation.

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0,75 lt



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