Sariano Umbria Red I.G.T.

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FORMAT: 0.75 lt or magnum 1.5 lt

GRAPE: Sangiovese
COLOR: Intense ruby red
PROOF: 13% Vol. according to the vintage

AROMA: The nose has the aromas of cherry and plum ripe typical of the grape, although accompanied by the aromatic complexity of a vineyard over 40 years of age. These aromas blend perfectly with the scent of the wood, thus obtaining an ideal balance between the fruit and the toasted.

TASTE: The same aromatic balance is immediately found in the mouth. The initial impact is lively and decisive, while in the aftertaste you will find the fruity fragrances invigorated by a decided scent of clove that accompanies the tannicity of the wine.

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The quality of the old grapes, with a small productivity of only 40 quintal/hectar, has been immediately used for the production of Sariano.
The grapes are selected in the vineyard pruned both for a low productivity and selective thinning.
Once harvested the grapes are immediately de-stemmed and fermented in steel vats with a capacity of 25hl where the fermentation happens at a controlled temperature. In this phase the only operation is pumping of the must over the grape dregs.
At the end of the fermentation and of the long maceration which can vary between 25 and 45 days, according to the quality of the skins, the wine is poured into 25hl oak barrels where the malolactic fermentation takes place. The wine stay in the barrels along with the lees until March of the year after.
After the first decanting, the wine goes back into the barrels where it rests until the time of bottling, which takes place after a light filtration.

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0,75, 1,5 Magnum

Reviews and awards








  •      DWWA DECANTER: Bronze medal, points 88
  •      GAMBERO ROSSO: 2 red glasses (finalist for the 3 glasses)
  •      LUCA MARONI: 90 points
  •     GUIDA ORO VERONELLI 88 point


  •      DWWA DECANTER: Bronze medal, points 89
  •      GAMBERO ROSSO: 2 red glasses (finalist for the 3 glasses)
  •      LUCA MARONI: 90 points
  •      BIBENDA: 4 Bunches
  •      ORGANIC WINES GUIDE: 4 ladybugs

Previous vintages: In the past 7 years he has always won a bronze or silver medal in the DWWA Decanter competition