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  • Pomario Radura Bottle



    TYPE, VARIETY: Alicante, Foglia Tonda, Malvasia Nera, Colorino, Sangiovese.

    COLOR: Intense Red

    AROMA: Complete, characterful, fresh spicy with black cherry and plum notes.

    TASTE:  Persistent and compact tannin  that  finally left agrume and spices


    Temperature : 18 ° C

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  • Sariano biologicred wine

    Sariano Umbria Red I.G.T.




    FORMAT: 0.75 lt or magnum 1.5 lt

    GRAPE: Sangiovese
    COLOR: Intense ruby red
    PROOF: 13% Vol. according to the vintage

    AROMA: The nose has the aromas of cherry and plum ripe typical of the grape, although accompanied by the aromatic complexity of a vineyard over 40 years of age. These aromas blend perfectly with the scent of the wood, thus obtaining an ideal balance between the fruit and the toasted.

    TASTE: The same aromatic balance is immediately found in the mouth. The initial impact is lively and decisive, while in the aftertaste you will find the fruity fragrances invigorated by a decided scent of clove that accompanies the tannicity of the wine.

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  • Vino biologico Arale

    Arale Umbria White I.g.T


    FORMAT: 0.75 lt or Magnum 1.5 lt

    GRAPE: Trebbiano and Malvasia
    COLOR: Intense golden yellow
    PROOF: 13% Vol. according to the vintage

    AROMA: A mélange of spices prevails on the nose which slightly veils the complexity of fruit and flowers, typical of the blend that emerge later.

    TASTE: In the mouth the wine is fresh, acidic and very sapid. Among the flavors stands out that of citrus fruit with a prevalence of mandarin, but the most aromatic note is made up of the floral bouquet of jasmine and black locust. The savory and cheerful finish leaves an interesting minerality in the mouth.

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  • Pomario ciliegiolo botttle



    FORMAT: 0.75 lt

    GRAPE: Ciliegiolo 100%
    COLOR: Intense ruby red with violet reflections
    PROOF: 13% Vol. according to the vintage

    AROMA: Intense and open. Berries with a prevalence of blueberry and blackberry

    TASTE: Thick and compact tannin, the fruity aroma rises on the palate and enhances the flavor of the finish

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  • Muffato delle streghe biologic wine

    Muffato delle streghe Umbria White Sweet I.G.T.


    FORMAT: 0.5 lt

    GRAPES: Reisling and Sauvignon Blanc
    COLOUR: Bright golden yellow

    ALCOHOL: 13% variable depending on the vintage
    AROMA: Aromas of honey, candied fruit and caramel, due to the presence of noble rot, Botrytis cinerea
    TASTE: harmonic and well structured spicy and caramelized, it is a dessert wine which, due to its important structure, can also accompany foie gras or seasoned and spicy cheeses.

    VINIFICATION: Botrytis cinerea requires specific climatic conditions: morning fog and afternoon sun because without the perfect alternation between humidity and heat this mold does not manifest itself.
    The harvest lasts several weeks because it requires the selection of only the bunches whose berries have reached the right coverage of mould. After a light pressing of the entire bunch, the must is left to ferment and then rests in wood for 2-3 years.

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  • Rondirose biologic rosè wine

    Rondirose Umbria Rosé I.G.T.






    VINTAGE : 2019
    FORMAT: 0.75 Lt

    GRAPE: Merlot and Sangiovese
    COLOR: Cherry with violet hues
    PROOF: 12.5% Vol. according to the vintage

    AROMA: The dominant aromas are the fresh and floral scents of wild rose and peach flowers.
    TASTE: Acidulous fragrant and rich. Fresh in the mouth where a ripe fruit harmony dominates. It leaves on the palate an extremely pleasant salty sensation.

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  • rubicola biologic red wine

    Rubicola Umbria Red I.G.T




    FORMAT: 0.75 lt§

    COLOR: Ruby
    PROOF: 12,5% Vol. according to the vintage

    AROMA: Pleasant and fresh with sense of bergamot and rose hips
    TASTE: Cool, dry, slightly tannic and well balanced. The sustained acidity cleanses the palate emphasizing the fresh aromas of red fruits and violets.
    Excellent for aperitives and light meals, it can also be combined with freshwater fish or seafood soups.

    VINIFICAZIONE: After the harvest, the must, is left to ferment naturally in contact with the skins for a long period, refreshed from time to time with some delestage. Once drawn off is left to mature in steel tanks. The winter cold facilitates the natural clarification without the use of products of animal origin. Bottled without being filtered between late winter and early spring is a red wine ready to drink.

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  • Batticoda biologic white wine

    Batticoda White Umbrian IGT


    FORMAT: 0.75 lt
    COLOUR: Straw yellow

    ALCOHOL: 12.5% variable depending on the vintage
    AROMA: Pleasant and intense scent of white forest flowers, the notes of hawthorn and honeysuckle stand out
    TASTE: Acidulous and slightly savory, it leaves a persistent slipperiness in the mouth. Excellent dry wine for aperitifs, suitable for vegetarian or fish first courses and second courses

    VINIFICATION: After manual harvesting, the grapes are destemmed and immediately pressed. This is followed by the racking in steel where the fermentation takes place freely. Taking advantage of winter temperatures, the new wine matures and clarifies naturally without the aid of products of animal origin. Cleaned and stabilized in this way, tail killer is still bottled in winter without being filtered.

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